How To Stay Motivated

11 Steps On How To Stay Motivated

Here are 11 hidden powers of how to stay motivated and achieve life’s rarest accomplishments.

1.Write down 5-10 habits you’ll never go back to in order to reach your goal.

2. Surround yourself around World Changers. Limit or get rid of people who do not better you as person or help you reach your goal.

3. Write down 5 people you consider being World Changers and talk to them at​ least once a month.

4. Descriptively write down things you must do in order to attain your goal. What are your monthly goals, six-month goal, year goal, and ultimate goal? This may evolve as you learn new things.

5. Know what’s going on in the world each day. US News, CNN, etc​

6. Everywhere you go, give a least one person a genuine compliment and have a vibrant attitude.

7. Have a cut off time when you will absolutely stop working to​ focus on family and personal relationships.

8. Work out at least 5x a week

9. Have a personal evaluation at the end of every 7 days period.

10. Write down at least 10 incantations that you will repeat 2x daily; record them on your phone and play it has you workout during your warm up.

11. Find a mentor/coach/supportive individual that will weekly evaluate your progress, give you a summary write down on things you can improve on to reach your ultimate goal, and keep you motivated! Limited mentoring options are currently available.

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