All-American Cooked Salad – Healthy Eating

All-American Cooked Salad – Healthy Eating

Cooking has never been so easy with this healthy lunch portion. World-Class athlete, Charles Clark shares one of his healthy eating delicious favorites. This will surely hit the spot after a hard workout or afternoon run.

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Under 350 calories. Serving for 2


  1. Fillet one chicken breast to two thinly slice chickens. Cut three light diagonal lines into chicken breast, season chicken breast.
  2. Lightly spread pan with Olive Oil.
  3. Place chicken breast in heated pan. Cook one side till nice browning then flip chicken over.
  4. Once browning of chicken begins add onions.
  5. When chicken breast is near completion add spinach, drizzle 3.4 tablespoons of House Italian dressing and a table spoon of spicy brown mustard into pan, mix.
  6. Add tomatoes and now you have a healthy meal for two.
  7. Cook chicken breast 6 to 10 minutes, depending on thickness, or until cooked completely.

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