Let’s Reveal Your Power!

Sandler Center January 24th, 1pm

3 Reasons Why People Are Raving About The Hidden Power of Motivation.

The World-Changer

Charles Clark, world-class athlete and business executive, is an experienced motivational speaker, keynote speaker and conquering professional business leader. Charles Clark’s know-how gift in leadership as a professional athlete and entrepreneur has allowed him to effectively deliver motivational speeches to an extensive range of organizations. His focus is on instilling the belief that “anything is possible” and “you can achieve life’s rarest successes” just as he has achieved becoming the 6th Fastest Man in the World at IAAF World Championships in 2009. Clark is an entrepreneur with three thriving companies, which are What Matters Foundation, UUA Images, and UUA Music Company.

Charles Clark What Matters Foundation

What Matters helps the youth and young adults define their purpose, optimize their talents, and effectively impact the world without wasting time; through programs and events.

UUA Music

UUA Music is a consultant and independent A&R company that specializes in providing global opportunism through music. We place music for independent labels and artist for TV, film, and background music.

The Biggest Race of My Life!

World Record 200m Dash- Usain Bolt

In 2009, there were 6.8 Billion people in the World and amongst those only three represented USA, Charles Clark was one of them. Clark placed as the 6th Fastest Man in the World at the IAAF World Championships in Berlin.

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